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Debt Consolidation and Cessions


There are other forms of financing, loan and the possibility of obtaining liquidity based on the type of income held and the classification of the sector to which it belongs. Various facilitated forms of credit mediation can be obtained from public and private employees and pensioners, by means of services linked to their own payrolls, which can obtain a reasonable economy, deferrable over time, with the right guarantees of support provided by the monthly income these categories.

Below we report the other forms of financing and economic assistance obtainable through our company:

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a re-financing solution that makes it possible to settle all previous debt positions and consolidate them into a new loan with a single payment to be paid. In this way, more debts of a smaller amount, with short-term maturities and medium-high interest rates, are combined into a single long-term debt in order to make the debtor pay a monthly payment of an amount lower than the sum of the installments of the previous loans, for a longer period of time. In fact, the duration of the consolidation can vary from a few years up to last decades and even go up to 240 months.

Employee loans

The Assignment of the fift is a type of loan dedicated exclusively to public and private employees and pensioners, which offers unique advantages and personalized conditions. In fact, no guarantor is required: the financing is guaranteed by the salary or by the pension; the monthly payment does not exceed one fifth (equal to 20%) of the salary or pension; the possibility of reimbursement reaches up to 10 years, in convenient monthly installments; the reimbursement takes place directly in the paycheck or on the pension slip; there is also the possibility to request an advance.

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